The Fabless Semiconductor Association (FSA), with 500 members in 25 countries announced the change of name to the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA). The FSA started in 1994 with 45 members - the first fabless-companies (plus 2 foundry-companies TSMC and Chartered). 13 years later fabless semiconductor segment equals $50 billion and 10 of FSA members have achieved annual revenue in excess of $1 billion. Industry experts stress that GSA nowdays unites not only fabless- and foundry-companies, but also IDM, EDA software vendors, packaging and test companies, and this fact may led to the possible contradictions with existing Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA).
According to "Kommersant" magazine the talks are in progress between AFK "Systema" (the biggest player at Russian IT-market) and goverment of Belorussia. As a result "Systema" may acquire the main IC's vendor of ex-USSR "Integral" plant based at Minsk. The revenue of "Integral" in 2006 was nearly $100 million and the main customers are military structures at Russia. "Systema" already ownes the "Micron" plant at Zelenograd also acting in a field of military electronics.
A leader of CMS market Hon Hai Precision {FOXCONN™} is negotiating with Russia authorities on factory constructing at St.Petersburg. Nearly $50M are to be invested. HEWLETT-PACKARD computers are to be the first products.
The 5th international exhibition ChipExpo was held at Moscow on 3-5 October. Nearly 280 companies and more than 12.000 visitors took part in the show. ChipExpo is strongly oriented on representing of the native electronics achivements. So all main players on Russian electronics market were presented.
Global distributors increase their activity at Russian market. On September 27 ARROW CE organised "Live on Tour" at St.Petersburg as a part of its Europe programm. 27 vendors participated in the exhibition and 23 presentations were demonstrated. Not many engineers and local distributors were attracted by this event. The same day the new office of ARROW CE was opened at St.Petersburg.
The Silicon Valley based venture capital group Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ) has teamed with VTB, a leading Russian commercial banking group, to form a US-Russia venture capital fund, DFJ-VTB Aurora. The aim is to invest nearly $150 million to the hi-tech startups at Russia and CIS.
Central and East Europe (CEE) countries are mostly dynamic in electronics production according to market research group RER and have 13% of the total European electronics production. The growth was 10% in 2005, 8,1% in 2006 and supposed to reach 8,5% in 2007. Russia has 7% share of CEE electronics production, but leaders are: Hungary (38%), Czech Republic (21%) and Poland (14%). To compare, Western Europe countries showed electronics production growth 1,3% in 2005.
According to "Commersant" newspaper, main Russia arms exporter RosOboronExport is involved into purchasing of French ALTIS - semiconductors factory near Paris. RosOboronExport denies the fact ...